February 14, 2018

Automatic campaign transfer from Voluum

Friends, the following material is about our latest announce – transfer of the whole configuration of your Voluum account right to AdsBridge without hours of mechanical monkey job. Let us be the coolest monkey in the jungle this time and perform it for you.

To be honest, we’re not going to be too savage, but we made a brief research, interviewed few affiliates, collected all possible rumors and found out lots of people frustrating because of our honored competitor and we decided to make our step and welcome aboard all affiliates, that will be glad to migrate this way.


All you need:

  • a desire to change the tracker,
  • the current account on Voluum,
  • create an account on AdsBridge,
  • if you have access to the DNS settings of the domain that is used for the redirect, then you do not even need to change the links of existing campaigns where they are installed.


Here is what you get after the switch:

  •  discount for the first month of usage on AdsBridge;
  • It will help you in saving your money, as Adsbridge will be 10-20% cheaper than Voluum at the same traffic volume;
  • quality support;
  • the ability to create your own Smartlink platform – OneLink.


Now, if you decided to avoid the struggle, you’ll need to ping us and be willing to change your way of tracking. We’ll contact you asap and will start the process.

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