August 21, 2017

Publisher interface for SmartLinks

Let’s talk “smart”

Smartlinks are the best way to ensure a smooth user journey towards conversion. They engage and lead the audience through various paths to highly relevant offer. Let’s say a user clicks on your app but it’s not there due to incorrect device or geo. If you set a smart link, it will take your users to the app store or elsewhere, making them click through. And all’s wonderful, and ROI goes up!

What’s the entire buzz about

It gets hard to make people convert. But smart links are called “smart” for the reason. And here’s why:

  1. A single URL – you’ll need only one single link to detect your audience and show them your best offer.
  2. Less spending – a smart link algorithm has been already tested on multiple offers, so you don’t have to spend money on testing and instead invest in getting more traffic.
  3. Time-saving – again, you don’t have to waste time on searching the suitable offers or choosing the particular traffic.
  4. Stabilityif your top offer stops for some reason, the smart link will drive traffic to other good offers without losing those precious clicks.
  5. Monetization– such URL work miracles in terms of remnant traffic because they redirect all of it to alternative offers.
  6. Profityou’ll be that lucky guy who scores in the traffic game because you definitely know which offers draw sweet cash.

Sounds commercial?! Well, it might be a bit but bear with us this new streamline technology has already won the hearts of affiliates.

Bitterstrawberry, Mobidea, Kimia, Mobusi, Billymob, Mobobeat, Mobvista, and Los Pollos are among the latest solutions on the market that provide the ready-made smart links. And we’ve got something more for you!

Your Own SmartLink

Here, at AdsBridge, we’ve thought why should you pay extra 20% on the side? Why not let you guys create smart links within your own interface, eh?


We are so excited about presenting you our “OneLink” technology. Now, it enables you to build a unique smart link platform based on AdsBridge. The visual part can be customized according to your service or product, and the smart link functionality is backed up on our side. You’ll be getting the stats right on your dashboard and the whole process of traffic distribution and smart link creation will be done through the AdsBridge platform. Thus, you hand in the ready-made URLs to your clients/affiliates and give them access to view performance data on your customized interface.

Now, the best part is that “OneLink” publisher interface is a game-changing feature for your own business. Whether you are an affiliate, media-buyer, agency, or affiliate network that aims to get all the juice out of fresh cash, such “OneLink” will be your best traffic squeezer.

You can fully create and develop your unique smartlink platform based on AdsBridge!


Be among those who earn with OneLink!


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