December 29, 2017

Let’s Say Goodbye to 2017

Hi there!

Affiliate marketing is a fast-pacing industry that sometimes changes not only by days but by minutes. You have just earned 300% ROI on an excellent landing-offer combination and, all of the sudden, your traffic runs off the mark in an hour. This is a response-provoking environment that requires two important things from you—to have efficient tools at hand that let you react quickly to changes, and ability to scale! This is why we developed AdsBridge five years ago— to help you tackle the challenge and find success.


During the past year, we’ve implemented several features. Reporting is one of them. It can be hardly compared with other platforms because the number of values that for customization and their combinations are limited only by your imagination. We’ve added additional performance metrics for campaigns evaluation (e.g. the number of conversion in the last hour) and updated the old ones (i.e. CR and CTR). Plus, a new targeting by stated, regions, and cities allows you to precisely define your audience.


We also released a guide on tracking organic traffic, and in addition to it, a script for content substitution, depending on the parameters of the click that came on the landing page. Both were useful for affiliates who buy traffic from traffic sources that do not allow redirects. To put it simply, you can still use advanced tracking, and your campaigns successfully pass moderation before launch.


For the clients with impressive traffic volumes, we have implemented a reporting functionality by API. The flows, split paths and automatic optimization of these paths within the distribution rule were added to the basic settings. These features relieve you from the necessity to set and optimize campaigns manually—you just run split tests and the system applies optimization.


More to it, we craved visual changes since design trends also evolve. Thus, we re-designed our home page (btw, we hope you like it!). Now anyone can register using the social account. Some minor changes that may seem to be not so obvious were made from the heart.


So much more can be said but let’s leave it all for the coming year. So far, 2017 was productive. Our team worked hard to make AdsBridge better for you—our clients. We always listen to you, hear what you say, and greatly appreciate your feedback. Without you, we would not have succeeded. And we say “Thank you”!


Happy holidays to you! A couple of fantastic releases will be waiting for you the next year. So until 2018 & See you there!


The AdsBridge team

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