September 22, 2016


1. Charles Ngo:


  • Ngo is one of the most admired and respected internet marketers world-wide. He provides his readers with wonderful tips on social media and mobile marketing, as well as information on how to build your success. All in all, it’s a blog that you need to read.

2. Neil Patel:


  • Read the comments on his blog, and you’ll see how much affiliates appreciate Neil Patel. Neil is without a doubt one of the top dogs in the affiliate sphere. His experience and expertise will definitely influence the way you work.

3. John Chow:


  • Being one of the most successful members of the internet revolution, John Chow’s blog is a resource every affiliate should use. With his tips, techniques, and advice, affiliates can learn to better understand the game, and adjust their business to make some extra profit. And have you seen him solve a Rubiks Cube?!

4. Luke Peerfly:


  • Just like he says on his blog’s front page, Luke Kling helps affiliate marketers make more money online. His guide on how to get started in affiliate marketing is a goldmine for anyone starting out. He’s been a bit inactive lately, but we’re anxiously awaiting his return! This guy is amazing to work and cooperate with! You won’t regret following him.

5. Malan Darras:


  • One of the first things to stand out about this blog is its seamless organization. Malan’s blog is broken up chronologically, providing the reader with not only up-to-date affiliate information, but a history to draw back on as well. All the posts are on one page, allowing for a clean and easy flow. In short, this blog is clean, informative, and organized.

6. Sugar Rae:


  • Rae Hoffman’s blog brings color to affiliate marketing world. Her posts are sure to bring you a bit a brightness, as well as a wealth of knowledge. Aside from the flawless design of the blog, the tips and how-tos are sure to enlighten.

7. Matthew Woodward:


  • This blog is full tutorials and tips that are more than helpful. With years of experience and success, affiliates are sure to get a lot out of what Matthew has to share. It’s very modern and wonderfully designed, making the reading experience more than pleasant.




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  1. Ritika Goswami

    Such Nice Information Given Realy Helpful Thanks For Your Efforts Keep Sharing