June 10, 2016

Top 7 Benefits You Get Using AdsBridge with GeoEdge

For those who attempt to take maximum control over tracking activity and find success with their campaigns, AdsBridge provides a range of advanced features. Whilst monitoring and optimizing the traffic flow, you can also run various split tests and improve your ad performance in real-time.

Let’s say, you are an affiliate who launches multiple campaigns daily — you have to set the traffic distribution and conduct various tests. AdsBridge serves quite well for this purpose, as we offer an advanced TDS with 16 rules, clear interface, auto-optimization, and other features that ensure better and efficient results. Advertisers also use AdsBridge as a tool for creating tons of landing pages and identifying the highly convertible ones using vast split test options. And that’s the point where GeoEdge comes into the picture.

What does it for tracking? To put it in a few words, GeoEdge provides the world’s fastest Proxy network that lets you monitor your campaigns quickly whilst accessing from different carriers and locations. Basically, anyone who uses AdsBridge will find it useful when conducting texts on a daily basis.

Here we’ve made up a short list of top 7 benefits you get using both:

  1. Check your AdsBridge campaigns setup and test traffic distribution by using GeoEdge Proxy tool for accessing from over 150 geo-locations.
  2. Test traffic you run through AdsBridge from more than 30 carriers available with GeoEdge.
  3. Use GeoEdge to view and test the campaigns you launch on AdsBridge from various mobile devices.
  4. Run the GeoEdge mobile emulator to check how LPs that you’ve created on AdsBridge are viewed by mobile users.
  5. Use high-speed and secure VPN provided by GeoEdge to protect your traffic channels when working with various traffic sources and affiliate networks on AdsBridge.
  6. Compare the loading speed of your LPs and ads by locations, devices and browsers through GeoEdge. This allows you to determine what locations work faster and have less click loss, as well as see where the CTR and CR rates are likely to be higher.
  7. Apply the GeoEdge’s bot emulator to emulate search engine bots and test the filters you set on AdsBridge against these bots.

In other words, you can make much of AdsBridge and GeoEdge while tracking and running your ad campaigns. When combined together, they contribute to higher results. Use both and see how it works!

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