October 24, 2018

6 Methods of How to Monetize a Blog

You’ve probably heard of people who generated a huge profit on their blogs. It requires some courage to show off your creatives to the public but the good content always pays off. Now, as soon as you start a blog and run traffic, it’s about time to kickstart monetization. To make sure that your blog makes money, you should implement good affiliate marketing strategies and use powerful monetization methods that will eventually help you grow revenue. Below we’ve made a list of six efficient ways of the best blog monetization. Let’ go through them.

Offer a coaching service to motivated clients

People always seek advice, personal trainers, and gurus who would offer them the new knowledge to fuel their minds and drive motivation. This is why online coaching is so popular. By offering personalized coaching programs, you can engage relevant traffic, develop clients’ base, and actually, monetize blog. While teaching and tutoring individual customers and motivating them for new achievements, you create a unique experience. Let’s say you know how to help them lose weight, build a strong body, or overcome depression, why not to coach? Good advice gives an opportunity to grow and set up a weekly meeting at a price and then continuous paid support. Also, you can sell an e-book with your recommended practices or schemes to raise income from sales. Now, don’t neglect the power of the word of mouth. If you have an impact on someone, there surely will be friends who would want to be coached by you too. The more clients come, the higher the revenue. If coaching is not your thing, you might try other methods. Keep on reading.

Become an in-demand freelance blogger

Ok. You are a freelance blogger, perhaps, a writer, and you want to be paid for your content. It’s important that you say or do something exclusive to become an in-demand professional. How will this let you make money off blog? To put it simply, your clients may want to receive consultations and private sessions. To achieve this level of involvement, it is crucial to use strong marketing strategies and keep your customers’ interest via your website, emails, social media, Skype calls, or SMS. Certainly, it is time-consuming, but there’s no gain without pain, right? However, to stay in demand and monetize blog, you should bring valuable content to visitors and constantly develop your skills. In addition, as a well-known blogger, you can make money on paid advertisement. But in order to keep organic traffic, you need to carefully review the advertised products or services, and run only relevant ads and banners in your blog.

Create and sell online courses

There are dozens of blogs that make money from online courses. What kind of service is this? It depends on your theme. If your website is about cooking, you can provide a free video with recipes and later build a complete video course. As a result, you get subscribers, viewers, and increase traffic. In this way, you are making money from a blog. Popular bloggers make huge incomes on selling courses. To do that, develop an online course with guidelines, success sorties, and steps, and promote it.

It is one of the most effective ways to start monetizing a blog through masterclasses, workshops or training courses. You have the resource, the audience, premium content, and tons of self-promoting opportunities. Commonly, an online course consists of an 8-week study, which is delivered via emails in parts or sold in a complete package. It is possible to make membership for your e-courses at a specified price. Plus, you can offer additional services and consult along the way.

Make money from private label rights

Private label rights or PLR is the content from the original author. It can be an article, ebook, report, or courses. You can either be this author or get payments for re-selling the rights for products to other people, or you can use PRL for blog monetization.

As long as you keep the right, you can do anything with the content. You can sell PLR on your blog, provide mini-courses on its materials, use them for affiliate marketing by inserting affiliate links, or sell these products. No matter the way you choose to benefit from PRL, you can always get commissions, promote materials, and gain revenue.

Create a high-converting funnel and recommend products at the backend

When creating a website or requesting people to subscribe to your newsletters or materials, you should clearly state your call-to-action. What makes it even more effective is the conversion funnel. Of course, you might need to figure out how to intuitively insert the funnel to the blog that would lead your visitors to conversion. This might be a purchase of an ebook, a registration to your newsletter, subscription to an online course, or anything else you want to sell. With a high-converting funnel, you will be easily making money from a blog. A goof funnel must attract your visitor, draw interest, evolve the desire, and encourage action. It sounds simpler than it really is. But whilst optimizing this path, you will end up with the proper strategy. Let’s say your customer walks through all steps of your funnel in your blog, you can always recommend his other relevant products at the backend. This way, you keep them engaged with your blog materials.

Launch a virtual summit

Along with online courses, consulting, and coaching, bloggers can arrange webinars or launch virtual summits. Such online conferences bring together experts who share their experience and advice that are broadcast for participants. If you manage to launch a virtual summit on your blog, you will see a great boost in profit. This method of monetizing a blog is very efficient because more visitors will be willing to pay for an expert opinion. Before you opt for this option, you should consider the specificity.

Usually, a virtual summit is hosted for some period of time. Unlike webinars or masterclasses, it does not happen often, however, it is very impactful for business and blogging because such online conference helps you:

– Increase the number of subscribers to your newsletters or blog

– Enlarge your blog community and grow membership

– Earn revenue from participation and ongoing sales

– Develop new partnerships or reinforce existing influencers

– Discover opportunities and improve awareness

If you host a virtual summit on your blog, it will boost monetization immediately. But it requires good planning, technology, a search of reputable speakers, interviewing, membership setup, affiliate program, and promotion.


It’s always a good idea to run a blog, especially if you have something interesting, knowledgeable, and worthy to share. Now in order to monetize it, you should encourage readers to join the mail list that will help you build strong relationships. Depending on your niche, you can use one of the above methods to improve visitors’ engagement and drive revenue. It’s not only about active promotions of your blog, products or services. It is also about understanding your customers’ values and needs. That’s why you need to keep your ideas fresh and people will come for more. And don’t forget to makes tests. To scale your online business, you need to go through the testing stage to determine what works best for you.

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