How to Monetize a Website: Proven Ways to Make Money
November 21, 2018

How to Monetize a Website: Proven Ways to Make Money

People get used to make money with website. There are more and more new web projects appear every day which are aimed to attract customers. Monetizing a website is not just about to earn some amount of money while selling some stuff. Making money with a website  also means sharing valuable information with users and get financial profit from it. For example, you have a great blog or interesting information source, so you can monetize your site offering paid publish in your blog or traffic monetization.

Building Content & Generating Traffic

Content is one of the main tool to attract traffic. Surely it depends on your article, is it interesting enough to read, or it was written just to fill out empty place. Great article will generate more leads and rise the brand awareness of your business. You will get more qualified traffic, which will be easy to convert to sales.

Don’t forget to consider competitors. Even the less popular market has its competitors, who are worried about to get the best customers and make their business profitable. That’s why the first step of any business development will be to explore competitors, analyze their strong and weak points. Consider the keywords they use, content type, amount of traffic etc. This will help to get more interesting ideas and keep the leads on your website.

Don’t forget about your target audience. Explore its interests and create targeting-oriented content. You will need to know your potential buyer’s needs, hobbies, occupation, age, problems he is worried about and topics he is interested in. Finally you will get the customer’s portrait which will lead you to the right strategy.

If you have a high level of visits, this will help you to monetize your website with the traffic. Monetizing website with f huge amount of traffic performs quicklier.

How To Monetize A Website With Ads

How to make money with website when you relies on content only? It’s possible, but not so quickly, as content solves only half, other half is usually ads. You might definitely consider wide range of pop ads and bright buttons. This stuff is another way of monetizing a website So, if you are:

  • a website owner;
  • offer some range of services;
  • just want to earn some money.

Then the ads will be definitely good way to make money with website.  

Ad will work only on well optimized and highly visited website. Running ads to money site which was made yesterday is useless. First of all your website hasn’t proven its reliability for Google. the second thing is that it has too low amount of info to attract users. Moreover, if you bought the website domain yesterday or few days earlier before running website to life, then there is a risk that you will be banned at all for too pronounced activity.

That’s why when you decided to monetize your website, don’t follow the desire to earn as much as possible. Make your source well visited first, afterwards it will be easier to monetize.

Selling Ad Space Directly

The measure of successful website is the number of visits per day. If usual flow on your website is approximately 100 visits a day it tends to be a great result. Well visited website is appeared to have high level of conversion, because the advertiser is interested in displaying advertising to the relevant audience. Among the popular ads type the most well-known are banner ad, popups, popunder, mini-videos.

It’s not good idea to monetize your website with popups and popunders because of its irritative appearance. It constantly shows up and bothers to check the overall website content. That’s why one of the most loyal and might be somehow attractive ad is banner ad. Banner ads is always consistent with website design and doesn’t fall behind overall style. User identifies passive ad type more often than actively used popups.

Selling Ads With Google AdSense

It’s widespread delusion that more ads you have, more you earn. One of the greatest alternatives is AdSense. This service offers partnership from СРС (Cost Per Click) ad from Google. Among the other well-known google tools, AdSense might appear unknown for you. No worries about it. As a website owner you will be able to get payment from every click on your ad. You just need to add JavaScript in the source code and that’s it.

As soon as Google approves your website, it becomes reliable platform for relevant ads. First of all, your website is scanned by Google and receives relevant suggestions. Then these suggestions are posted on your website. This means that your source is verified and it won’t be suspended by search engines. Additional way of optimization will surely be profit for you.

How To Monetize A Website Without Ads

There are a lot more other ways of monetization except above mentioned. Imagine that your blog is permanently visited and number of interests are rising from day to day. The core thing for you is to keep uniqueness of content going and post only interesting articles to share with visitors. On the one hand you can generate only your own content, on the other hand you might perform as paid platform for others. Get money from every post. But don’t forget to check each article. As some bloggers might ask to post stolen content or share links with viruses. Earn your money wisely.

Start Selling Something

In case your website doesn’t sell any stuff, but has high range and high level of visits, then you can monetize it by selling links on other sources. This method is good when you set fixed price for some amount of links for websites and generate some number of regular customers. On the other hand you should be careful with Google and other search engines, as they don’t accept a big amount of redirects on other sources. Another point you should check out is that link should be free from viruses. Protect your desire to earn from selling the link, as this might also cause unsafe for you.

Set Up A Paywall

We already mentioned that content is a king in most cases. Valuable information has to be in public access and help users to educate them. Such content requires time and efforts, that’s why many science articles are paid and forbidden for free use. Such monetization process called paywall. You surely faced with such option where you could overview only some piece of information and others for additional payment. Let’s consider four main types of paywall:

  • User is able to read or download article only after full payment. For example, well-known british newspaper The Times allows to read only first two paragraphs and that’s it. Other information is available only after full payment.
  • User may check some amount of information before he will be asked to pay for content. On this case website owner provides counter which checks number of viewed pages by visitor and limit for preview, for each user.
  • Website combines both above-mentioned ways of optimization. For example user can read some articles for free and and other articles will be available only after subscription. You can check The Wall Street Journal for example, and the such kind of suggestions.
  • when your website offers premium access for subscribers, who bought the package and have permanent access to the materials. for example,  The Times has Times+ service, which offers gold tickets on events and other special promotions.

Paywall is not just a way to monetize your website, you are also to protect the content rights and protect content from inconvenient use.

Value For Value

Every above-mentioned monetization way allows to get money from website. Speaking about the overall cost, it’s individual and has to be discussed. But I won’t recommend selling link from new developed website. This will surely harm it. At first add relevant and interesting content. Then after some time you may think over selling links. Nevertheless, Google ads will help more because this is not just the way to attract customers, but also additional optimization tool.

As soon as you gather target audience and generate required leads, there will be a need to think about spreading monetization types to others.

How To Monetize Your Site By Selling It

When you choose one of the monetization types, first of all you cares about your website reputation. That’s why ads has to be relevant and fit your website needs. Make your website bright and attractive in order to focus users attention on design. Bright websites generates more leads than monotonous one.

You can’t embrace immense, but the sometimes things worth it. Wish you inspiration and growth! Sincerely yours, AdsBridge!

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