December 23, 2016

We’re going to Vegas!

We’re barely rested from the last conference in Bangkok, and we are already gearing up for another! AdsBridge will be flying into Sin City, Nevada for the Affiliate Summit West 2017 conference.


The conference will be held in the Paris Las Vegas Hotel from January 15-17, 2017 with an expected attendance of over 6,000 people!

Las Vegas is considered to be the Disneyland for adults, and it keeps up its reputation! Did you know that it would take you 288 years to sleep one night in all of the hotel rooms in the city? How about the fact that 15 of the world’s 25 top hotels are located in Las Vegas alone? We guess that’s why over 41 million people visit there every year. We’re going to be included in that number this year!



We are more than excited for this conference, and expect it to be extremely successful.

The list of speakers is full of big names, and they’ll be sure to showcase their deep knowledge of the field. We’ll definitely be going to see Marty Weintraub, Brian Massey, and Sean Dolan!


Three of our top team members will be there to join the crowd! We’ve written a little about each of them here;

Ilya Melnik:

He’s our Product Manager, and he is a life saver! You can ask him regarding technical questions, in depth information about our features and functions, and basically anything related to the “insides” of AdsBridge.

Fun fact: Ilya has a Superman costume in his closet. It’s his favourite.


Elen Antonova:


Elen is our PR Manager, and she can handle anything! You can ask her questions related to partnerships, integration, or cross-promotion.

Fun fact: She’s right-handed, but eats with her left hand!


Alexander Omelyanovich:  


The wonderful CEO of AdsBridge can answer any question. He knows everything about AdsBridge, inside and out. He’ll be busy, so make sure to set up a meeting below!

Fun fact:  Alex has jokes that can make anyone blush.


The Adsbridge Team will have a booth at the Meet-Market (№ I-11), and in the Exhibit Hall (№ 416) !

The Meet-Market map is located here:



The Exhibit Hall map is located here:

Make sure to come see us at our booths!




We hope to see you there!

The AdsBridge Team

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