September 09, 2020

The Best Affiliate Marketing Tools in 2020

Competition always requires resources, sustain, and dexterity. Barehanded and not competent you’ll unlikely build a prosperous project. Joining the CPA race as an equal, even if you’re the freshman, requires a basic background and juggling with all necessary tools in a smart way.

But where can I get some experience? Participants can get it through practice in day-by-day working tasks, specialized forums, conferences, and online meetups. Actually, you have to stream in the flow of affiliate events and latest trends, alongside the essential principals of CPA networking.

As soon as the fundament is installed, more likely you’d wish to automate all the routine processes. Fortunately, there are affiliate marketing tools adjusted for all common operations, they help to do all the grunt work, and what’s really great even with a free subscription, users achieve worthy features.

Besides the imperative software, think about the effectiveness of campaigns on every stage. Put this word atop, highlight it with a bright yellow marker, and esteem every endeavor to what it leads you to.

How to engage, catch interest, and convince any visitor that your offer is transcendent in everything – quality, price, service. As such, anything you do is aimed to make the “like-know-trust factor” work on you.

What are the Best Affiliate Marketing Tools for Successful Campaigns?

When picking the most efficient squad of tools take into account every point of your marketing strategy. The volume of the traffic flow and other resources you invest in. Landing page construction and content, SEO, security, and audit arrangements will be your important cares. Of course, there are tools for the overall management and interface design but you should clearly define and deliberate your needs and the budget for supplies.

Setup the checklist. Write down your monthly running costs and size them up with your profits. Do your best to reach a balance.

Most affiliates are skeptical about the tools they apply as this is where their money is. However, some affiliate tools can boost the effectiveness of promo tours as their machine learning techs significantly minimize time expenditures for settings and research. By this, you can create a highly competent pitch for your product.

Landing Page Builders and Design Tools

The standalone webpage with a well-composed ‘call to action’ is the launch pad and the red button in the marketing funnel. On this stage, page design, its construction, and the well-conceived CTA boost chances to trigger the reaction and encourage to confirm the targeted action.

In case, you are on formal terms with programming, use a tool for that. But if you are into coding, just skip this clause.

Any web surfer is the potential buyer on the landing page where you offer something, and the customer should be not just engaged but also sure that this product or service is exactly what he/she was looking for and it can solve the problem or improve the present being. Explain or prove that they don’t need to seek the alternative anymore. Make your offer evoke emotions, but try to keep your customers with a positive tone. But don’t overdo to make them want to skip and escape any mentioning of your product.

Aiming to promote some product or feature marketers bring it into focus by launching a landing page. Usually, it’s not a difficult task to create one. There are numerous free services amid them we’ve picked next.

  • Landingi is the LP builder with a free 14-days trial. It’s a multitool platform with 200 high-converting templates for the cover-to-cover creation of any kind of web page.
  • Leadpages is another good service for topic-related LPs creation. There are lots of templates for various types of pages and messages. 

Also, check out: 

  • Google Sites;
  • Wishpond;
  • Carrd;
  • Instapage;
  • Unbounce;
  • Wix and some others.

Content Creation

Website is the working place and the face of any company that can’t be blank. Website content in general, articles for a blog, posts for social media accounts, or newsletter emailing will transmit any message of your business. High-quality, updateable, and relevant content is another matter of importance for webmasters.

Tools for content creation help you search the best mainstream topics, as well as design, plan, and represent information. Pitch and advertise products in a fascinating way, make it consistent and entertaining. Experiment with different forms of content. Thus, add infographics, videos, quizzes, and catching images. Try to foresee what issues concern your reader/customer.

Suchlike services can audit and analyze the content of other players in your niche and make the marketing strategy development process easier. Also, they highlight the most viral and most shared posts, so that marketer could put a finger in the right spot and communicate with its audience in the best possible way, giving the most relevant solution for users.

  • BuzzSumo,
  • Dupli Checker,
  • Hootsuite,
  • Hemingway App
  • Grammarly

These are the key software providers that can act as online editors, plagiarism checkers, social media planners, SEO, and keyword toolkit. Nowadays, they are the best big services respected all around the world.

Search Engine Optimization

The most precious traffic type is the organic one, and it can be generated through SEO optimization.

To win the game of SEO, the affiliate needs to stay up to date with keywords and word combinations people write in search box most frequently. Whatever niche you are performing, each has words that can take your LP to the top positions of the search request results. Accordingly, keywords should be included in the description of your web page and content in general. Platforms for the keywords’ search display topics that hype and topics to bypass as they are running out of trend. Tools for making SEO magic bring the analysis of rivals’ actions in the niche by the keywords they used.

Several of them do worth your account creation – see the following list:

  • Google Analytics
  • Ahreft
  • Google Trends
  • Keyworddit
  • Keyword Surfer
  • AlsoAsked

Tracking Tools

An affiliate without a tracker is like a barber without scissors. Tracking software can’t be neglected. Business with traffic can’t be efficient without analytics and planning which are followed with stats. 

Beginners often raise bumps if they don’t track ROI. But the situation is not always painted black or white. Whether the campaign brings profits or losses is obvious through the correlation of various factors. By applying professional tracking tools, missteps can be optimized or prevented. While being a good manager of your campaigns and to avoid the obsession of staring at the screen 24/7, an adequate affiliate opts to keep a close watch on reactions including clicks, impressions, and conversions with the aid of tracking tools.

Real-time stat counters, diagrams, down and peak points’ reports, and in-house features can clear up the recent dynamics along with the customers’ behavior in general. It’s extremely easy to find a platform with tracking instruments. Of course, there are good options and industry leaders. But regardless of volumes, both small, middle-size, or big campaigns you just need a CPA tracker. Be sure, you’ll like to monitor the dynamics of your endeavor.

Several brands we’ve mentioned below can be decent services for your business, check out our statements.

  • AdsBridge. There is an advanced stat on board of this affiliate software provider which helps to elevate the performance of ad campaigns. Platform also acts as a place where affiliates can run ad split-testing, control traffic, and easily determine the most effective ads, as well as monitor indicators and metrics to collect the best results for further monetization. The system detects fraud traffic and weeds it out from the whole funnel. Subscription programs are divided into 4 directions – starter, professional, advanced, and business. Cost-free usage lasts 14 days of the trial period and then you can continue the ‘Starter’ plan for $29/month, while other programs are more costly. 
  • Affise is a respected performance marketing platform for management, analysis, checking, tracking, and optimization of promo campaigns with feature-rich API, CPAPI technology, and smartlink. Three plan options can’t be called the low-cost ones but include a large variety of solutions.
  • BeMob. Newbies or users who are quite picky can choose the free subscription of the basic program form BeMob. Also, there are 3 more programs for business, enterprise, and professional usage. The wide range of features lets you manage various traffic operations, including online mode stats, data redirect, secure cloud storage, and several other tracking services.

VPN Solutions for Affiliates

After setting the campaign, every affiliate is looking forward to having a seamless running. Some offers cover only certain countries, but unfortunately, there is a geoblock which only the VPN service can beat. VPN provides supply not only the protection of your private data in public places or allows using websites that have browsing limitations in specific regions. By VPN connection, you achieve a freeway for the targeted geo and reach out to the audience of the ads campaign.

You can test some of them. Here is the list of the most trusted and widely-used services. 

  • Nord VPN;
  • CyberGhost;
  • ExpressVPN;
  • Surfshark;
  • IPVanish


Affiliate marketing is quite a sophisticated ‘kitchen’. At first sight, the network intercorrelation is rather easy and lucid but the multitasking spills over and can be painstaking work for some people. Handling of all the traffic flows, designing of creatives, landing pages, banners, composing of content, and other stuff can take some time. But obstacles and hardships appear only if you don’t know where to look for help. That’s why we’ve tried to sort out the key tasks and outline the best platforms where you can find affiliate marketing tools. Now you can delegate some monotonous jobs to machines. Test some of these handy gears to strengthen positions in performance marketing and become a serious long-distance competitor.

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