August 13, 2020

6 Best WordPress Themes for Affiliate Marketing

Building an affiliate marketing site or already own one? Downloading and installing the best WordPress theme for affiliate marketing can help you increase your sales and make posting new products, blog posts and landing pages easier.

When you have the right WordPress affiliate theme installed, you spend less time fiddling with your theme and more time trying to make sales.

Today, we’re going to give you a list of the best themes for affiliate marketing that you can download and try today.

List of the Best WordPress Themes for Affiliate Marketing

1. Jevelin

Jevelin is a theme sold on ThemeForest. This premium theme sells for $59 and is a multipurpose AMP theme. What makes this theme special is that the developer provides six months’ worth of support, future updates and a theme that is very flexible. The theme offers:

  • 40 different style elements
  • 9 different headers
  • Various pagination options
  • Full UI customization

What’s nice about this theme is that you can sell pretty much anything using it. You can create a marketplace type of website where you can sell different products, and you could also add your own landing pages or pre-landing pages easily. All of this flexibility makes this theme a great choice for business and corporate websites that want a professional look.

Jevelin has 40+ demos, a one-click install and a drag-and-drop builder. If you want a theme that allows you to create a website that looks truly unique, this is your best option.

2. REHub

REHub is another multipurpose theme that allows you to enjoy 10 different subthemes and 11+ bonus plugins. This theme was designed specifically for making money, and it works very well, thanks to the profitable features built into the theme itself.

The developer of this theme has routinely updated it allowing for some of the best features we’ve found in an affiliate theme. A few of the many great features and there are a lot of them, include:

  • Responsive comparison charts
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Vendor store options
  • Price comparisons
  • Price drops and trackers
  • Digital downloads
  • E-commerce support
  • Easy customization
  • Visual composer

You’ll find that this theme allows for a robust set of customization options as well as incorporating many of the affiliate marketing features that all the successful affiliate marketers use on their sites. If you’re just getting started, this theme will make it easier for you to start making sales online.

3. Genesis Framework

Genesis is one of the affiliate themes that has stood the test of time. When you’re first starting out with your affiliate marketing, this is a great theme to have, because you can do everything from launching landing pages to building complex digital websites in a matter of an hour.

This theme offers a one-click setup, so anyone can use it even if you don’t have experience with WordPress. It also offers robust features that include:

  • Multiple different theme options
  • Full theme customizer with preview
  • Custom page templates to build your site off 
  • Featured content widgets
  • Customizable headers
  • Mobile responsiveness

While this may not be the most feature-rich WordPress affiliate theme on our list, it includes all of the must-have features that you need to get your site up and running quickly. If ease of use is most important to you, this theme is a great choice and offers a minimalistic style.

4. JNews

JNews is a little different from the themes that we’ve reviewed so far. This is the best WordPress theme for affiliate marketing, if you plan to create a newspaper magazine. JNews is designed to help you monetize your site. A few of the new features that have been added that will allow you to start making money quickly include:

  • Paywall
  • Content locker
  • Membership
  • Recurring payment
  • Subscription options
  • Pay-per-post

And these are just the new features that have been added to this newspaper magazine theme. When you install this theme, you’ll find that there are multiple demos and a lot of templates to get your affiliate website started today. There are a lot of customizable options and a themes option panel that allows you to access virtually all of the settings and options that control the way you are at the end looks.

You will have full creative control over all of your things, and the aim is highly compatible with the page builder plugins and other tools that allow anyone to create a website quickly.

5. Schema

Schema is designed for speed. When you purchase this theme, you’ll be purchasing a license to use it on three websites. The name is great for SEO purposes because of the ultrafast design concept. When you download this game, you could be confident that it will include:

  • Fully responsive design
  • Built in review system
  • Custom CSS options
  • Ad management systems
  • Rich snippet support
  • Comment systems

In terms of speed, this is the one theme that’s able to provide a rating for a speed performance. Themes load faster than 95% of the web sites on the market, so it will offer superior SEO benefits compared to other themes.

6. CouponXL

CouponXL is a very niche theme because it is only designed for affiliate marketers that are opening up their own discount and coupon websites. These websites have become extremely popular in recent years, and this theme will allow you to create a coupon site that offers:

  • Unique deals
  • Discounts
  • Coupons

You can even add in payment processors, such as PayPal, Stripe and Skrill to allow for easy payment options and maximum revenue potential. You can also use the built-in CTR tracker to understand your current click through rates, and you can use the integrated analytics package that provides a robust set of data on your affiliate marketing endeavors.

MailChimp is also integrated into this theme to allow you to create a robust email marketing campaign right from inside your WordPress administrative panel.


WordPress is one of the most powerful options on the market, and the six themes that we reviewed will allow you to get started making sales with affiliate marketing today. Many of these themes are paid, but they offer robust support and the confidence that your theme will continue to be updated today and as new techniques are added to affiliate marketing.

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