January 14, 2021

Best Spy Tools you should try in 2021

Results always require certain efforts. But you can avoid tedious manual testing of various ideas or spending a lion’s share of your budget and time simply by studying and applying spy services for traffic arbitrage. The AdsBridge team will gladly share fruitful insights and suggest profitable spy tools. They would inspire you and help in identifying and optimizing strategies that are to elevate your business.

What are the spying options?

Spy tool is a kind of library with various ready-made solutions as red-hot ads and landers which are a part of multifarious ad formats, traffic sources, GEOs.

For instance, to estimate efficient trending solutions, you are to investigate their approximate statistics: types of landers, the frequency of their display and traffic that competitors use, etc.

Spy tools perfectly cope with their primary task – ads monitoring. They cover even the smallest details as target settings.

Take and test existing approaches and then create unique ones. Generating creatives and translating necessary content by native speakers involves a lot of expenditure. But subscribing to spy services is a reasonable investment to significantly relieve yourself. After a scrupulous analysis of a vast pool of ad campaigns, you will understand which path to go and how to move to stand head-and-shoulders above your competitors.

Spying options provide the widest range of sophisticated features and highlight what bundles work and what fails. Although the information they cover is crucial for competitive advantage, we do not recommend completely copying other people’s solutions. By using existing best-converting options as they are, without even minimal adjustments, you are more likely to walk into a trap and fail. Here is why:

  • The highly clickable ads you note on spy services are those that people have seen the most. They will no longer showcase such a conversion as at first. Besides, if you decide to use them after a while, more nimble and experienced specialists will swiftly generate new items and this offer will lose its relevance.
  • You may not know about the exclusive terms that other market players are up to, including how much they charge for their campaigns. By pushing a similar offer you won’t receive an equally high CTR.
  • Some experts hide important campaign settings from spy platforms.

Therefore, use spy tools wisely. Let your creativity flourish, analyze top performers, and apply innovative approaches to build your own reputation in the market.

Key opportunities:

  • check solutions in varied niches by applying multifarious search criteria and metrics as region, source, date, etc.;
  • determining the red-hot trends;
  • structuring of the technical aspects: GEO, gadget type, browser, time settings;

The market showcases an abundance of spy options: from all-in-one to specific. Each service strives to be original, they test the market from different angles, collect various statistical data. We have divided the spy tools into several groups, which will cover below.

Top spying tools for Facebook


The one-stop service that covers 20 countries. Daily updates with over 10000+ ads. An extensive library of over 50 million real-world ads.

You can identify top-performing ads within a few minutes, track existing best links, and study their statistics. Displays the performance of both individual ads and ad campaigns.


  • Free 10-day trial and 100 launches;
  • Flexibility of paid packages – from $49 to $249 per month;
  • Native, targeted ads, search ads across Facebook Ads, Google Ads, GDN;
  • Filtering options depend on the monthly package of your choice.


An outstanding one-stop tool. Allows you to view and download your favorite ads, landing pages, offers, traffic sources.


  • No trial but money-back option responses within 24 hours;
  • Basic pricing package – $199 per month;
  • Extensive coverage (75+ countries);
  • The only tool that tracks ads for 120+ mobile operators;
  • 80 running traffic sources;
  • Convenient filtering options.


The service gathers information from all over the globe. It covers banner ads, native ads, text ads. 60 million real-world ads and 500 ad networks available.


  • Trial account is only for $1;
  • Pricing options up to $399 per month;
  • Extensive GEO coverage;


It’s a leading Facebook and Google Ads spy software. You can surf around and test existing campaigns and scale your own ones.


  • 14-day trial is available after linking your credit card;
  • Pricing plans: $149 per month, with annual options – $99.
  • All-regions coverage.

Top push spying tools

A huge number of push networks and a reasonable entry threshold make this source very attractive. And it’s a great option to engage with your audience.


It tracks 6 top-ranked ad networks and covers 16 countries (CIS, Europe). Coverage is expanding, with Thailand recently added.


  • Pricing opportunities up to $80; $190 for 3 months.
  • Push notifications across Evadav, PushAds, Megapush, Propeller Ads, RichPush.


The service detects information on the massive ad networks. It features comfortable navigation within the base of top-performing ads that can be downloaded.


  • 24-hours trial with only a few countries available;
  • Pricing is up to $49 per month;
  • Extensive GEO;
  • Filters based on region, keywords, gadget, networks, launch date.


A free option with no hidden fees, which offers an attractive toolkit and a massive pool of networks for analysis.


  • Any GEO;
  • Pushes across Evadav, Mgid, Dats Push, Propeller Ads.
  • Filters based on date, networks, device, GEO.

Mobidea Push

Being one of the greatest tools, it will surprise even the pickiest specialists: landing pages, promotional campaigns released just 1-2 hours ago, 19 million ads. Craving to keep up with exclusives? – Test this service.


  • Pricing is up to $124.99;
  • Monitoring of more than 40 networks;
  • Extensive GEO coverage – about 90 countries;
  • Powerful filtering options based on landing pages, traffic sources, pricing models, devices, countries.

We’ve covered the top-of-the-range spy tools that enable you to optimize your work and save your money, time, and effort. Pick any of the services you like, all the listed ones have a very simple and convenient interface. Use them to craft your brilliant ideas, dive deep into all possible angles and strategies. We hope that these services will help you in achieving amazing profits!

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