March 12, 2018

Multicurrency at AdsBridge

Have you ever been in the situation when your offers have payouts in a different currencies? It takes a lot of time to reduce everything to one common denominator and at the same time there are difficulties in obtaining accurate statistics.

We work to ensure you receive the most accurate data and save time on mechanical work. At AdsBridge you can select required currency not only for offer, but also for statistics.

At the moment AdsBridge offers you the following currencies:

  • USD,
  • EUR,
  • GBP,
  • RUB,
  • UAH.
Selecting a payout currency for offers

You need to set up a payout value and also a currency in Payout field ‘Create offer’ section. Currency for each offer can be different.


Selecting a currency for statistics section

You need to select a currency for a report in a drop down list.


Work productively while AdsBridge makes all the mechanical work for you!



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