March 25, 2021

AdsBridge – manage all your campaigns in one place

AdsBridge is a modern SaaS tracking solution and just indispensable tool for affiliate marketers, media agencies, networks, and for all those people dealing with online marketing.

The AdsBridge Team never stops improving the functionality of the tracker, ensures the users’ work making it more productive and efficient.The platform covers 160+ countries worldwide with thousands of users in its base.

AdsBridge is the right tracking tool for webmasters who have great plans are going to settle down in affiliate marketing for a long-term perspective. So, if you’re looking for an ultra-all-inclusive platform for campaigns’ running, read more about what you can get with AdsBridge.


AdsBridge platform enables users to solve crucial tasks:

Ø  track & manage + analyze & optimize massive traffic flows => lucrative monetization.

Usually, to get best results a webmaster needs a lot of tools for quality analysis, but it’s not always convenient and very expensive. Using AdsBridge you avoid this problem, because our platform allows to manage all campaign stages from one place.

Organic traffic tracking

We know that users are constantly faced with ban from AdWords, Facebook, myTarget etc because of several redirects from one traffic source. We already solved this issue and now you can set up campaigns and  work with traffic sources that prohibit redirects in your ad campaigns.

You can send traffic to your lander without additional redirects while enjoying all the tricks of working with TDS: distribute traffic according to specific parameters, create split tests, pass values in tokens, and then see all the necessary statistics.

AdsBridge applied the easiest way to set up organic traffic tracking which will help to:

  • avoid redirects,
  • apply direct access to the landing page
  • set up every step easily
  • see the result in real time statistics
  • rise CTR and number of ads conversions
  • spread incoming traffic in tracker
  • share required info via tokens
  • and much much more

All data from your landing page will be passed to AdsBridge tracker. Real time detailed statistics data you will be able to check in “Statistics” menu. There you will be able to analyze, compare and optimize your traffic sources, campaigns and offers.

Anti-fraud technology

Fraud and bot traffic is a real plague on the whole web, of course, if you’re on the light side of the story. Thus, the AdsBridge dev team launched its fraud guard with 10 metrics to sort out an entire flow and achieve only high-quality organic traffic. This feature lets users detect fraud clicks/visits/conversions and adjust bot-filter. Affiliate rounds require a cutting-edge arsenal, otherwise, there could be budget losses.

Moreover, thanks to the given data you may:

– apply more exact bot filter settings;

– define fraud traffic immediately;

– save your budget from additional spending.

Proxy traffic detection

It’s not a secret that everyone wants to have the most accurate information about their traffic. And we are up for it!

On AdsBridge, we can easily track proxy traffic and redirect it to alternative funnels, which will protect your offers from curious researchers and scammers.

To provide you with the most accurate data, we added the “Proxy Detection” functionality, which will separate proxy traffic and direct users using VPN to alternative offers.

Our developers also took care of the convenience adding the ability to individually activate / deactivate proxy filtering in the settings of each campaign.

Setting up proxy detection:

  • Go to the section “Bot Filter”
  • Activate the checkbox “Enable proxy detect“
  • Save All

Let’s move on!

  • Go to “Campaigns” – “Create campaign”
  • At the 2nd step you will see the active path “Proxy rule”. If you need to allocate proxy traffic to a separate path, leave the path active, if you do not need its filtering, just deactivate it.

We still have a very impressive set of functions that you’ll surely find useful and efficient for your business development!

Work efficiently! Work with AdsBridge!


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