October 16, 2014

Three Landing Page Mistakes Even Intelligent Marketers Make

Generating conversions from website visitors is the No. 1 goal of any landing page. So, your landing page must make it as easy as possible for a prospect to find the information they need to contact you. However, even the smartest marketers could be missing out on a lot of potential conversions if they commit the following common landing page mistakes.

Mistake #1: Your landing page’s message is different from your marketing message

Online marketing tactics, such as search and display advertising, content marketing, and social media marketing are highly effective ways to drive new online prospects to a landing page. Across these different marketing initiatives, you may be using a variety of offers and messages to appeal to different types of consumers. But potential customers expect an advertisement they click on to drive them to a web page that features the same value proposition, products, or offer. So, make sure that the landing page reflects those messages. Creating a consistent experience between your advertising and landing page builds confidence in your brand, which can improve conversions on your landing page.

Mistake #2: Your landing page emphasizes too many conversion paths

One common mistake many marketers make when creating landing pages is emphasizing more than one conversion path. Asking the
visitor to complete too many actions on a single page can be confusing. And confusing potential customers can cause them to leave without taking any action at all.

For instance, if your landing page equally emphasizes a phone number, contact form, and informational download, you’re missing the opportunity to draw the visitor’s attention to the single most important conversion path you want them to take. That’s why each landing page should highlight only one choice: your primary conversion path. And if you choose to include secondary conversion paths, make them less prominent, so they don’t distract from the primary goal of the page.

Mistake #3: Your landing page doesn’t showcase the life of your brand

The third mistake smart marketers make on their landing pages is that they don’t communicate the business’ personality. A landing page may have all the right text elements, such as a headline and a strong call to action, but a page that contains nothing but text can send the wrong message to your visitors and keep them from converting.

The most effective landing pages include authentic photos that showcase a key product or service, illustrate the “before” and “after” of a major project, or feature real employees. In addition, you can use a short video about your business to quickly engage a new prospect visiting your page. A landing page that features relatable photos and videos about your business can set you apart from your competitors and encourage visitors to follow through with a conversion.