July 24, 2014

Beware of 3 Greatest Landing Page Fails of 2014!

Beware of 3 Greatest Landing Page Fails of 2014!

1. Company Name or Logo is “Missing” On the Page

Even when your company name or logo is present on the page, if users have a hard time finding or identifying it then you’re more than likely going to lose a lot of customers.
—How to fix it: People are accustomed to seeing logos and company names in the right or left-hand-side corners of webpages

2. External Links On the Page

They’re a major cause of leakage (users clicking on an external link and then not coming back) which also go towards increasing your bounce-rate.
—How to fix it: If you want to provide visitors with additional information, then include it on your page below the fold so that it doesn’t conflict with your call-to-action.

3. Not Mentioning Your ‘Offer’ In the Headline or Subheader

When visitors first arrive, they’re not just looking for relevance, they also want to see some immediate benefit of sticking with your landing page. If your give it to them within the first few seconds of arriving, then it validates their decision to continue with your product.
—How to fix it: Make it rule to include the ‘offer’ somewhere in your header. You could experiment by leading with it, or tie it in with the ‘relevance’ aspect of your headline.