March 02, 2016

Meet our new partner Perfectbanner

Online marketing requires a great deal of skills and knowledge in order to reach success and it becomes more and more competitive all the time. Testing, optimization and a good set of tools to manage this is a necessity for success.

We are therefore pleased to introduce you to our latest partner: Perfectbanner.

These guys have made a platform that, put simply, automatically optimizes the design of your online display ads. We believe that this tool and this collaboration can be of great value to our users, so, let’s have a closer look into what they have created.


Launched only six months ago, these guys have already started to make a name for themselves and they have worked with some of the largest media houses in Sweden. After seeing how almost the whole advertising and sales funnel, from media buying to landing pages and web sites, could be optimized using different tools, Perfectbanner was created to close this optimization circle by making it possible to optimize the actual looks of your banners.

By containing its own banner builder, you can easily create tons of variations of your ads, and once you have created a set of different ads with, for example, different back ground images, head lines, CTA buttons etc., you simply connect it to your traffic source and the tool will start to optimize your banners. What it does is that it identifies and sorts away all the poor-performing variations of your ads and uses the best performing ones to find the perfect combination of your different design elements.


Perfectbanner is fully integrated with Google Adwords, however, using IFrames/html5 ads, it is possible to use other traffic sources as well.

Getting started

In order to start using Perfectbanner, you need to register within the system but you always get a good chance of trying it out for free before buying anything since it starts with a 2 months free trial (no cc information needed). The people at Perfectbanner are always really helpful and we would recommend you to have their quick live demo of the product to get the most out of it. They are also happy to provide you with some helpful advice on how to strategically organize your tests.

Improvement guarantee & Pricing

Perfectbanner are confident that their tool will bring you great value so they guarantee +20% improved CTR. Using Google AdWords, Perfectbanner charges 3% of the media spend that goes through their platform. If you are using a different traffic source the price is 0,02$ CPM

Sounds pretty good, right?

Read more on their website.

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