April 09, 2021

Efficient features of AdsBridge

AdsBridge is a reliable tracking solution for affiliates and all people who want to integrate into affiliate  marketing. For years, AdsBridge has been surprising users by showing the potential of the product and improving new affiliate features. Now our tracker has become even more effective because of the huge efforts and a powerful technical base.

In this article, you’ll read about AdsBridge features that can make your work more convenient, efficient and productive.


Evidently, if you have offers with payouts in different currencies, it can be terribly inconvenient. It causes confusion in statistics and takes a huge amount of time to put things together. Now, AdsBridge allows you to use multicurrency. You can choose the payout currency for each offer and then view statistics in the currency you choose.

At the moment AdsBridge offers you the following currencies:

  • USD,
  • EUR,
  • GBP,
  • RUB,
  • UAH.
Selecting a payout currency for offers

While creating an offer, you need to set up a payout value in the Payout field and choose currency. Currency for each offer can be different.

Selecting a currency for statistics section

You can also choose currency in which your statistics will be displayed. For that purpose a drop list is available.

Edit conversions

If you get conversion with wrong payouts your statistics will be incorrect, but there is no reason to be upset. AdsBridge has tools which allow editing the payout by conversions.

To change amount of payout by conversions you need to:

  1. Open “Statistics – Edit conversion” section.
  2. Select “Update conversions” tab.
  3. Add a click_id and payout values to the field.
  4. Press “Update”.
  5. Done

New data will be automatically passed to the “Task list” section.

Click_ID of conversions with wrong payouts should be inserted in the following format ONLY: click_ID, payout, txid, status (separated by commas and without spaces).

High-accuracy targeting

When launching the new campaign you need to notify the system what’s your target and set up the campaign. Every user gets access to 20 parameters including GEO, language, device type, browser, activity time, etc.  There are no limits to add as many parameters as needed.

The split-testing feature helps the system to pick and match offers, audiences, and LPs with the most effective conditions to achieve a high conversion rate.

But that’s not all that we can offer! To be continued…

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