July 03, 2014

7 quick tips to create high-converting landing pages

Here are some tips on how to create awesome landing pages that convert a lot of leads.

1. Increase conversions while lowering ad spend. You’re probably running ads on multiple sources or channels. If you’re going to be spending money on paid ads, you need to maximize those ad dollars and turn your traffic into more conversions on your landing pages. Creating and optimizing your landing pages allows you to do this.

2. Give your audience only one choice. Almost all marketers make the mistake of offering too much choice on a landing page. You have one campaign and one goal – your landing page should reflect that.

3. Respect the click. You need a very tightly connected experience between the source of your click (your ad) and the landing page experience after it. If you can master this, you’re going to be a more successful marketer and way ahead of your competition.

4. Leverage attention. As the attention ratio (number of links:number of calls to action) goes down, your conversion rates go up. Your campaign needs to be removed of all distractions that prevent your visitors from  converting. This brings focus to your landing page.

5. Have a compelling headline. People should be able to see a headline in an ad and see the same headline on your landing page.  And, it should be catchy – your headline is the first and most important step. Unbounce saw a 33% increase in their conversions when they matched their headlines.

6. Only split test if it’s worth your time. Figuring out if split testing is worth your time depends on your numbers. For example, if you get say a 5% increase in conversions after split testing you should determine the value of those additional conversions and determine if it’s worth the time it took you to split test.

7. Remember, most split tests yield nothing. Only 1 in 8 landing page split tests yield results. That means, on average, 7 split tests are thrown away. Be prepared to factor in the time you’ll spend on split tests that yield no results as well.

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