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There are a lot of different ads types available in the Internet marketing. People spend dozens of time and money on promotion in order to get the quickest results. But not every ads success and effectiveness depend on finances. It’s vital to set the target audience clearly and choose required parameters.

What is the targeting

Targeting is a marketing tool which allows to figure out your target audience according to some specific criterias (location, device, traffic source etc.). This tool will help to run ads and increase its effectiveness. User will be able to distribute ads budget and get maximum efforts from the campaign result.

There are a lot of tools which allow to group users following their interests according to some data. One of the most useful and profitable tracking distribution system is AdsBridge traffic management software. This system helps to group target users according to above-mentioned interests and criterias.

How does AdsBridge traffic arbitrage software work

There are 20 main parameters to choose in AdsBridge traffic distribution system:

  • Country
  • State / Region
  • City
  • Language
  • Traffic type
  • IP address
  • OS
  • ISP
  • Mobile provider
  • Connection type
  • Device
  • Device manufacturer
  • Device model
  • Referrer
  • Browser
  • Sub ID
  • Day
  • Time
  • Useragent
  • Uniqueness

Users will be redirected to the path following the previously mentioned conditions.

You are able to run split testing between the paths and rules in order to choose the best condition to push lading page or/and offer.

The use of offered parameters and its combination in AdsBridge traffic management software allows to separate audience from leads and direct them to target offers, i.e. If customers are interested in buying a particular product, then they are brought to the end page to complete its goal.

Of course when user is visited the page he doesn’t like or not interested in, this will bring minimum profit, income and zero result. Your business will get irrelevant traffic and waste the efforts.

The main thing for each campaign set process is how the target audience was chosen. This will put the root of successful path of your campaign. Spend some more time on choosing the required conditions in order to maximize the income. AdsBridge tds will assist in selection of the right tools.

How to set the traffic on AdsBridge traffic monitoring system

In order to set the targeting on the tracking platform, go to the second step of campaign creation:

  • create rules;
  • add conditions of targeting settings to rules;
  • add offers/landings and paths;
  • set proxy rule. AdsBridge traffic monitoring system allows to not just monitor the traffic, but also redirect all proxy/VPN/VPS traffic on specific page. Proxy rule will be added to page automatically. Add it to your offer or deactivate at all if you don’t need it.

How does targeting increase ads effectiveness

Thanks to targeting, you will show your ads only for the target audience. this will rise the overall conversion rate, attract new users, influence on the number of visitors and bring financial profit to your business. From the point of advertiser, you will definitely attract new leads and convert them to prospective customers.

This focus on specific niche increases the effectiveness of the ads campaign greatly and minimizes costs.

Don’t forget to start your ads campaign from strategy planning and define the criteria of target audience. This will put the roots of running your ads and showing it only for specific leads. Define your customers’ interests, geolocation, age, which sources do they visit and other more data you need for ads conditions. AdsBridge traffic distribution system is the best solution for every advertiser to track results and develop business.

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