Split-Path Testing

The process of setting up traffic distribution flow means the way of creation paths and rules, choosing conditions to distribute traffic between landing pages and offers. In order to monetize incoming traffic on the best way, you will need to determine the best set of conversion flows and surely test its effectiveness.

What Is a Split-Path Test

Our answer on widely asked question about how to test the conversions is to use split path testing. Split path is testing process of different landings and offers, the combinations of landing+offer and direct link connections.

How Split-Path Testing Can Optimize Conversion Paths

The measure of relevant traffic on your website is total number of conversions.

It happens to face with low number of conversions, but it doesn’t depend on traffic quality. It mostly related to website design and the final view of special promotion or offer.

Sometimes users aren’t ready to buy your product right away, that’s why they skip the offer and close your website at all. That’s why it’s better to add pre-landing page, in order to prepare user to get a special offer.

Split path testing allows to compare landing pages and offers, test several combination of actions and find the best one to implement. Traffic distribution system will spread the traffic more effectively afterwards to get maximum conversions and profit.

When Should You Use It

AdsBridge traffic distribution system allows to set no more than 100 split path on each rule; add landings and offers; create several flows and manually set the percent of traffic distribution for each. This will help to test flow more exactly following similar conditions and same number of traffic. You will be surprised to know that this is not the final list of our possibilities .

AdsBridge has another unique feature. This is the auto-optimization paths, which allows to distribute traffic on the best way in order to raise EPV (Earnings per visit) for landings and EPC (Earnings per click) for offers. Auto-optimization performs in real time and depends on stats data of tracking flow. Such feature detects profitable landings and offers in real time and distribute traffic between them. You don’t need to analyze stats data and check it for each campaign separately, system will do it for you.

As you already considered, split path together with auto optimization save your time and rise the income simultaneously.

A Possible Split-Path Testing Strategy

Here you can check the guide about how to set split path test on AdsBridge:

  • follow the second step of campaign creation/editing;
  • create rule and choose condition for it;
  • add required number of path to one rule;
  • add necessary distribution elements to each path (landings and offers);
  • set the percent of traffic distribution for each rule (sum of percents should be equal 100%). In order to run split path test properly and then compare result, make sure you’ve distributed percents equally.
  • choose “Activate auto-optimization” in the drop down menu (action is not optional).

AdsBridge is the best solution for providing split path and distribute traffic clearly. Use auto optimization and raise the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Optimize ad campaigns and get maximum profit with AdsBridge!

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