Online statistics

One of the main aim of each tracking software is possibility to gather stats data and represent it in convenient way. AdsBridge system suggests clear stats which shows results in real-time. You can filter and edit reports, use several parameters to view statistics in different time zones, access the effectiveness of investments.

AdsBridge stats data

There are 4 sections in AdsBridge statistics:

  • global report;
  • conversion report;
  • edit conversion;
  • manage reports.

Global report

Users are able to check report for each campaign, traffic sources, affiliate networks, offers and landing pages. In order to set the data performance you will need to mark required checkboxes and set the filters on the right side panel. You may download stats report in CSV file then.

Conversion report

This section allows to check fully detailed conversion report for each campaign. You may check conversion data from global report and also information from the postback link, which is placed on your affiliate network.

Edit conversion

There are 2 features available in “Edit conversion” section:

  • Upload conversions
  • Update conversions.

Upload conversion feature allows to upload conversions manually by entering Click ID. This might be helpful when conversions weren’t tracked by pixels and did not reach the AdsBridge system. In order to see ads results you will need to upload missed conversions and watch its stats afterwards.

Updated conversions is a unique feature to edit conversions by updating its payout. When conversions comes with incorrect payout and this has been fixed in statistics, so the data will be shown distorted. Adsbridge allows update conversions’ payout easily and quickly, you just need to load it with correct payout values.

Manage reports

Manage report section allows to create any report templates. For example, when you are checking stats for the same parameters, you just waste your time because the process of setting checkboxes and filters repeats again and again. So, when you decide to create template, you spend time once on settings and afterwards you just choose required one from the dropdown menu. Pre-configured reports significantly speed up the display of data in statistics and save time on setting up process.

In order to access effectiveness of ads investment you need to customize AdsBridge reports following required filters and get detailed stats. Detailed reports in real time will allow to manage and monetize traffic effectively.

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