With the repetitive development of Digital Marketing there are more and more people appeared who are connected with the arbitrage sphere. that’s why the number of people who are willing to earn money on traffic is constantly rising. Affiliate marketers are trying to choose the most relevant offers and surely rise the income.

It’s not a secret that the tendency of further scaling and development is happened among affiliates more often, because they want to go beyond from usual offer promotion. They are aimed to create own business in digital marketing and bring it to a new level. One of the main difficulties which might prevent affiliate marketer from successful scaling is a lack of technical team and ready made product solution.

That’s why Adsbridge is glad to announce Onelink CPA platform to help affiliates in business creation and development

What is Onelink

Onelink CPA is a platform which helps to create CPA-network. The main advantage of Onelink platform is that it gives customers ready-made solution which is ready to work without additional set ups and settings. That’s why you save both time and money. Thanks to user friendly interface it doesn’t make difficult for you to use it.

Among the advantages of quick start we would like to figure out the most valuable things. These are your time and money. Because of saving both option you should definitely spend it on more vital things such as:

  • searching for new interesting offers,
  • business promotion,
  • processes optimization,
  • increase ROI and overall income.

Admin is able to manage and check the workflow of affiliates (stats, progress, fails), because of admin rights.

As soon as affiliate gets minimal sum to withdraw, he may send withdrawal request to admin and choose required way.

Configuring OneLink

OneLink CPA setting process performed following some simple steps

  • Admin creates new offers on the platform. This is possible to do while uploading several offers in CSV, or add one by one manually.
  • Admin may check downloaded offers and set them for further work.
  • Affiliates may check information from each offer, select required and request it for further work.
  • When admin confirmed the offers, its links appeared active and ready for use to distribute traffic on it.
  • Affiliates manage offers through stats and are able to access the traffic quality and what should be done for its optimization.
  • To withdraw money you need just to add Payment method and request confirmation from the admin (Payment Request).

Advantages of working with OneLink

OneLink CPA will help you to create CPA-network with minimum efforts. Now you are able to manage affiliates’ work and approve only valuable offers.

Real time stats for each affiliate makes possible to manage cost spends, income and other financial operations. Moreover, with the direct access to current status of finances you can make decision right away.

OneLink CPA is a unique tool which helps to develop and manage business from the ground quickly. Don’t worry if you don’t have tech team to solve technical issues, OneLink will help you to achieve the greatest results with low time and money spends.

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