Multi-user mode

When you proceed a huge amount of traffic it means that our tech team assists you on each step, sets data for you and manages every process. In order to rise effectiveness and productivity when you have too much work to do you need to manage all processes more accurately. That’s why AdsBridge offers multi-users mode which allows media buyers to work under the several accounts with different level of access.

Such feature will help to manage effectiveness of each user, control his work and restrict setting rights for beginners.

How does AdsBridge multi-user mode work?

Create role

There are no any specific permissions or templates for creating users role on AdsBridge. Software allows to create role with several access on different sections and share rights on the list of actions between users.

You can allow access to the sections below:

  • campaigns
  • flows
  • traffic sources
  • affiliate networks
  • offers
  • landings
  • domains
  • stats
  • notifications
  • my account
  • notes

Here are the list of actions which can be set on above mentioned sections:

  • view
  • create
  • edit
  • copy
  • archive
  • delete

In order to set specific accesses for different sections you need to visit “Administration” menu and choose required checkboxes. If one of the checkboxes are not chosen, then user won’t have access to it.

AdsBridge doesn’t limit you in choosing roles (admin or user). You create it following your needs and tasks you want user to do.

While working in multi-user mode in future you can manage existing roles: edit, copy or delete.

Create user

It’s not a big deal to add new users on AdsBridge. It won’t let you spend much time and efforts. Just open the section “Create user” and fill out the form:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Role. Choose required one from the dropdown menu and assign it to a new user.

Creating process has been finished.

AdsBridge helps to raise team’s productivity because all processes are under the control and users data are in safe. Multi-user feature is the best thing to choose. AdsBridge gives you all you need to run your working process effectively!

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