High-Impact Machine Optimization Technology

Campaign optimization is a process of improving ads campaigns work with the help of testing and data analysis. The core thing of improving is based on data analysis, measuring results, improve campaign following the given results. This is repetitive process which deeply related to analysis and constant improvements of ads campaign. Optimization process is an endless cycle of actions to raise ads campaign effectiveness.

Automatic ads campaign optimization on AdsBridge

AdsBridge tracking distribution system is SaaS cloud based software with a wide set of features for arbitrage. This system allows to distribute traffic effectively, get exact stats on several parameters, run split testing and optimize campaign. Another feature which makes AdsBridge outstanding system is auto optimization feature.

Automatic optimization is a smart and self-learning system, which is implemented on complex mathematical algorithms and predictions. This feature automatically monitors, identifies and distributes traffic to the most efficient offers and landings.

The main indicator of landing page analysis is EPV (Earnings per visit) and for offers is EPC (Earnings per click). It’s not relevant to count ROI separately for each landing and offer because reasons listed below:

  • the cost of purchased traffic is changeable;
  • not every traffic source conveys dynamic value of click cost;
  • some traffic sources update spends later.

Unfortunately above-mentioned reasons are only the piece of the iceberg and aren’t allowed to optimize data in real time and following the ROI. Because it makes impossible for system to catch updates immediately, inform and implement the changes too.

Auto optimization feature updates immediately in real time and takes data from EPV and EPC. The main thing is that you don’t need to do anything. System will do it automatically.

How does auto optimization work?

The auto optimization system has a complex decision-making algorithm, which makes assumptions based on a combination of data for the last of a landing / offer success.

System distributes the percentage of visits in distribution rule and send visitors to an offer/ landing with high level of EPV/EPC.

Even if system chooses the best landing/offer from existing list, auto optimization allows other offers/landings to be chosen as well.

AdsBridge auto optimization is clear and simple enough to set. Don’t consider its complexity, just follow the steps below to set it:

  • add several paths to the distribution rule;
  • choose “Activate auto optimization rule” in the drop down menu;
  • fill out optimization conditions
    • Number of conversions – optimization step (optional rule).
    • Number of clicks condition or/and time duration condition (additional field).
  • in drop down menu for paths choose “Activate auto optimization path ” option.
  • add optimization conditions (same as to rules ).

This is the final step of your setting up process, all actions will be available in auto optimization journal.

In order to save your time and rise the income for both landings and offers you need to use auto optimization. Run several campaigns simultaneously and get the maximum profit.

Optimize ad campaigns and get maximum profit with AdsBridge!

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