Gain real benefits with AdsBridge tracking software

Secure Cloud Hosted Solution

A completely safe SaaS tracking tool that puts all your valuable data in a secure cloud stack. No downloads, no additional settings, and no extra spending on servers or hosting.

Automatic Campaign Optimization

It provides various algorithms based on the combination of optimal control strategy and a probabilistic approach that helps monitor the best landings combinations and offers, and excludes those that have fewer conversions.

Mobile and Web Tracking & TDS

With our advanced traffic distribution system you are able to effectively manage all your traffic sources and offers and optimize campaigns, ensuring a revenue increase.

Extra-Fast Redirects

We have 5 data centers worldwide located as close as possible to various traffic sources, and a high-speed DNS that provides extra-fast redirects and eliminates click-losses.

Landing Page Builder & Hosting

Create your own landers hosted on our servers, or choose landing pages from our extensive library of templates. Customize them, split test, and improve in just a few clicks.

Unlimited Custom Redirect Domains

You can purchase a custom domain within the AdsBridge system. Use as many custom redirect domains as you want and stay in control of their reputation.

Real-Time Stats & Reporting

Get stats in real time, track conversions, and optimize campaigns immediately. You can generate reports in any combination using various filters, and group stats by specific data.

Multiple Campaign Reporting

You can break down your campaigns by groups and then view statistics by a specific group or in general for the whole account in any combination you chose.

Precise Targeting

Set up precise targeting and reach your exact audience using 16 various parameters for your traffic provided on AdsBridge.

Manual Cloaker/Bot Filter

Detect all bot traffic by manually setting filters by IP and IP ranges, referrer, user agent, ISPs, and other 13 parameters.

Multi-User Access & Roles

Our traffic tracker allows the setting of multi-user access and roles enabling users to work under one account and get individual permits for editing/viewing any data.

SMS & Email Alerts

Set up SMS and email alerts by various rules and time periods to stay informed on campaign progress while the system tracks conversions.

High Data Accuracy

While most developers go after beautiful design, we strive for quality. Our main priority is to generate and aggregate high data accuracy.

High-Quality Support

A dedicated team of professionals who are ready to back you up at any moment and promptly answer all your questions and requests.

Updates and Improvements

We constantly improve and develop our system to fit the ever-demanding needs of affiliate marketing.

Additional features and advantages

  • Hide referrer options
  • Access to high-converting templates
  • Multi currency support
  • Mobile application
  • Multi-offer landing pages
  • Daily cap for offers

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