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People get used to define traffic as a users’ flow on the website in order to raise its level. Traffic quality is the most important criteria which measures website income and effectiveness. From the business point you should opt for the relevant ads platforms to attract leads and use reliable tracking system to measure amount of inbound traffic. These things are performed to take the maximum efforts from ads and increase the income. But sometimes it happens to face with bots which cause some problems:

  • you may lose your money,
  • your stats appears to be unclear,
  • you might have problems with advertisers and can lost profitable offers.

Bots become more and more adaptive nowadays. They are used to copy users behavior and are able to open pages, follow the links and do these actions like real users. It makes hard to separate bot traffic from real, that’s why it’s vital to set the filter on the first stage of traffic settings.

What is Bots Filtering

Bot filtering is a feature of analytic programs and tracking platforms that track and filter unwanted traffic. Tracking algorithms are designed in such a way that even the smartest bots can be calculated.

There are also some “bot traps” existed. These traps are realized with the help of some script which will loop robots by sending it to a white page / error. Such action will prevent bots from visiting the website. If you have only one website, then traps will help you, but for arbitrage trading with a big amount of traffic the best solution will be bot filtering in the tracking platforms. One of such platform is AdsBridge.

Bot Filter features in AdsBridge

AdsBridge tracking bot software allows not just track bot visits, but also redirects it on white label page/error page.

Thanks to bot filter you will get target leads on your offers and websites, because you will work only with real users and won’t waste ads budget. Moreover, you will get clear stats with correct data and separate stats for bots traffic only. Let’s check for what do you need bots’ stats:

  • to figure out the source of trash traffic
  • which campaign links bring/attract bots
  • what step of customer’s funnel are they able to reach (visits, clicks, conversions).

AdsBridge bot check setting is clear enough to set and doesn’t take much time:

  • go to the “Bot Filter” section on the main menu;
  • click on the checkbox “Enable”
  • select the filter option below – tracking / filtering.
    • When choosing “Tracking” option, system will detect unwanted traffic and bots will be redirected on the distribution rule configured in the specific campaign.
    • When choosing “Filtering” option you will be able to set the path of bot traffic distribution (error page). Filter type doesn’t influence on the tracking or stats result.
  • set the condition of bot traffic identification.

In order to view bot check stats, check out parameters in “Statistics” section: bot visits, bot clicks, bot conversions.

Thanks to tracking and filtering of bot traffic you are able to see the real picture of ads campaign work. You may also analyze results based on accurate statistics.

AdsBridge tracking bot software is effective and accurate work of your ads campaigns. Don’t hesitate to try it out.

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