Automatic conversion tool

Some affiliate networks suggest offers with certain daily conversion limits. Manual check of every report for a single offer takes plenty of time and require hourly analysis. But is there any other way to monitor progress of such offer, because it brings high percent of income? Sure the answer is right here. You can use conversion tools to analyse and distribute traffic automatically.

What Is a conversion tool

Of course you can find some software available to monitor conversion limits of your offer, but not so much. Fortunately, AdsBridge tracking distribution software allows to measure conversion limits and has a feature “Daily conversion limit”. Such tool allows to set daily limit for specific offer and choose forwarding offer to distribute traffic in.

The workflow of AdsBridge daily limit feature exclude the need for constant checks and manual switches between the offers. Moreover, you won’t lose the traffic when the affiliate network conversion level will be overreached.

When the limit is overreached during the day, users will be automatically redirected to the forwarding offer.

AdsBridge is the professional tool for arbitrage traffic distribution and monetization. The convert tool to set daily limit for offers allows use offers effectively without wasting the ads budget.

How does the automatic conversions (caps) software from AdsBridge work?

When the feature of switching conversions is activated, you can set the daily conversion limit following the limits of your affiliate network.

In case you overreached the limit during the day, your visitors will be automatically redirected in the forwarding offer, which was previously set in your automatic conversions software.

Conversion cap number is automatically reduced at midnight and traffic is distributed then on the main offer. When you setting up the automatic conversion tool, you can also choose timezone which fits your affiliate network timezone.

Steps to set up automatic conversions:

  • follow the option to create/edit offer;
  • select “Daily cap” option;
  • add number of conversions, daily limit on specific offer;
  • choose forwarding offer where traffic will be distributed in case of overreached daily limit on the main offer;
  • specify timezone.

Use AdsBridge traffic distribution system to set daily cap on each offer and add forwarding root in case the daily limit will be overreached .

Spend your time on creating offers, further steps we will do for you. AdsBridge cares about your time and money, spend each one wisely and with maximum profit.

Optimize ad campaigns and get maximum profit with AdsBridge!

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